Who’s On My WiFi Analytics Redesign


If you are an analytics customer, you’re accustomed to our Analytics section that we’ve honed and refined over the past few years. Today we are launching our re-designed Analytics section. Existing customers will see their accounts go from the old format:

To the new reporting dashboard:

Quicker Navigation

Your new Analytics dashboards feature new reports, filters, search functions, and cleaner navigation. To hop back into your reports as quickly as possible, click the WiFi usage drop-down and select your report.

We’ve also added a hot-link to Monthly Reports in case you need to quickly grab a report to attach in an email or save in your local records.

If you’d like an unobstructed view of a report, click the menu icon to the right of our logo in the sidebar. You can hide or un-hide the menu as you prefer.

Smarter Analytics

Who’s On My WiFi’s Analytics grow stronger every day. Our commitment to you is to provide the most insightful information we have in the most straightforward way we can.  Now all customers will have stronger search capabilities in finding specific devices in their WiFi usage data, and certain customers will have access to foot traffic data as well. We’ve also started implementing smart filtering with auto-detection of network devices to separate results from visitor and employee machines.

Got any feedback on the new re-design?  Let us know!

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