Android 2.2.3 Now Available


Android 2.2.3 successfully made it through Beta Testing and is now available to all customers on the Google Play store.

Android Agent 2.2.3 will go out as an Auto-update to any customers that have auto-updates enabled.  If not, you can go to the Play Store, click on our app, and click the “Update” button to manually update your agent.

***Please Note:  If you’ve been running Android Agent 2.1.8 – 2.2.2 and you’re using our analytics service, when you update to 2.2.3, you may need to Sign Out and then Sign In again from the Analytics Connection button to reconnect to your online account.

Android Version 2.2.3 contains the following Changes:

  • Version 2.2.3 connects to our updated Analytics engine that we call Analytics API 2.0.  Our new Analytics API improves analysis of larger and more complicated networks.  The new API is also faster and allows better filtering and tagging per IP Range.

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