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Posts related to Wireless Analytics.  This includes posts about Who’s On My WiFi as a Wireless Analytics solution.  Where the industry is headed.  How other WA solutions compare with our solution.

2018 WiFi Analytics Buyer’s Guide


WiFi Analytics is an exploding industry, full of opportunity and misinformation.  With any new technology, it’s easy for customers to feel confused about what they’re buying.  We’ve put together this buyer’s guide on what you need to consider when getting started with WiFi analytics.  Who’s On My WiFi has been creating WiFi analytics solutions since 2015 and we’ve listed what...

6 questions to ask yourself before buying WiFi Analytics


If you’ve been considering monitoring the wireless network of your event space, city hall, or coffee shop, you probably have quite a few questions about whether or not you really need a WiFi Analytics solution in the first place. We created an article in our new resources section to help you make the decision about whether or not a WiFi Analytics solution is really what you need, or if...

WiFi Analytics Interview


Co-Founder John Kerber was interviewed today by Network Diagnostic website LMTV regarding the new field of Location Analytics, and how to make physical locations smarter with the newly released WiFi Analytics platform from Who’s On My WiFi.