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Cloud Managed vs Cloud Analytics


When discussing wifi hardware options with customers, sometimes they become confused about whether or not they need a Cloud Managed access point solution to use a cloud based WiFi Analytics access point solution. There are also customers with security concerns about their “local network data being in the cloud” when it comes to WiFi Analytics. So let’s start at the beginning. Cloud Managed...

The 4 Best Ways to Discover Devices on an IPV4 Network


After deciding to monitor WiFi Usage to collect insights into your business or organization, you’ll be faced with the choice of how to actually retrieve the device information from your network. It’s obvious that you can always log in to your wireless router or access point and see the IP addresses and MAC addresses.  However, this type of one time, manual process does not allow for insights or...

2018 WiFi Analytics Buyer’s Guide


WiFi Analytics is an exploding industry, full of opportunity and misinformation.  With any new technology, it’s easy for customers to feel confused about what they’re buying.  We’ve put together this buyer’s guide on what you need to consider when getting started with WiFi analytics.  Who’s On My WiFi has been creating WiFi analytics solutions since 2015 and we’ve listed what...

What is PING? And what does it do?


The trusted PING command that has been available for years used to be the de-facto standard for seeing if a computer was up and running or if it was down. Simple example of how to use PING. In the following example, I have 2 computers connected to my computer network. The first is a computer at IP Address  It is connected to the network and is currently powered on. The 2nd computer...

Why do computers need both MAC Addresses and IP Addresses?


We know from previous posts that each computer has both an IP Address and a MAC Address assigned to it. But, why is this? If every computer in order to communicate with each other needed to be physically connected to each other, all networks either would become complicated very quickly or they would stay small. Imagine if in order to go to you had to have a physical wire connecting...

What is the difference between an IP Address and a MAC Address?


What is the difference between an IP Address and a MAC Address? What is an IP Address? An IP Address is a numeric representation of a device (computer, game console, etc.) on a computer network that uses TCP/IP to communicate (the logical connection of most of the internet). What is a MAC Address? A MAC Address is a numeric representation of a device (computer, game console, etc.) on a computer...