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Posts related to Location Analytics.  This is includes in store monitoring and reporting of foot traffic, as well as other industry updates happening with this technology.

Brief History of Location Analytics


A Brief History of Location Analytics Location Analytics is using data from a physical location to learn something.  This article goes through a brief history of how this technology has changed over time.  Like any other analytics, its power grows exponentially with each source of data added. At it’s most basic level, location analytics is just counting what happens is a space. In that case, it’s...

Why You Need Location Analytics


Location Analytics will be as familiar as cell phones within the next 10 years. The technology is not a quantum leap. Your cars won’t fly, and your merchandise won’t teleport to front doorsteps. The reason Location Analytics is so important is not that the technology is so advanced; it’s because it’s so simple. You already have the hardware You already have all of the information that Location...

Privacy in the era of Big Data


Your identity is your most precious asset. This includes the decisions, emotions, and thoughts that make you unique, ground your perspectives, and connect you with like-minded people. It has also become the hottest commodity in the world.  How to maintain the privacy of your identity while still providing useful services to you as a customer has become a heated debate. Big data creates stories we...

5 Reasons WiFi is the Champion of Presence Analytics


For years a battle has been raging over the field of presence analytics. Businesses want in-store metrics to track visitors like they do website traffic, and several new technologies have risen to the task. Only 1 method is supreme, and we’ll break down how each technology works to show you the winner. The 6 Methods of Automated Detection There are 6 ways to track foot traffic: Beam Counters...

Collecting Analytics Using a Unique Identifier


Sometimes people ask us why they should be using WiFi Analytics at their store or public venue.  After all, beam counters and video cameras have been around for years.  So what’s the value in monitoring the WiFi network if you already have other means of people counting or general visibility? There are several reasons to monitor WiFi activity at your store or public space to improve...

Digital and Physical Analytics Today and Tomorrow


Website Analytics has revolutionized online marketing. It’s now an indispensable tool for any business that has an online presence. Track where your customers are coming from, how long they stay, and what they buy. Send ads based on what products they linger on or return to, and suggest products that they will find interesting based on their past behavior.  All of these are great features that...

10 Use-Cases for Location Analytics in Brick and Mortar Business


The internet rocked retail to its core. Big institutions found themselves unable to compete on price and convenience with sites like Amazon and eBay. One by one titans fell, from Radioshack to Sears to Circuit City. It’s not all dire straits, as the internet has also brought with it a bountiful new advantage to real-world business:  analytics. Soon stores and other physical spaces will use...

11 Impressive Bluetooth Low Energy Use Cases


We’ve covered how Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.  Many companies have had difficulty implementing beacons in a way that meaningfully impacts their bottom line. Even with the challenge, a few companies have done incredible things using beacons in innovative augmented reality applications. This technology is being improved all the time, and eventually amazing use...

3 Reasons Why Bluetooth Beacons Don’t Deliver.. Yet


  A “Paradigm Shift”. That’s what the marketing for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)  Beacons has suggested. We’ve also heard other buzzwords like “hyper-local contextualized content”, which is corporate jargon for “it serves you ads”. Apple introduced its iBeacon technology and Google followed suit with Eddystone, but they both agreed that these quarter sized devices would revolutionize how...