ArchiveSeptember 2018

Android 2.2.3 Now Available


Android 2.2.3 successfully made it through Beta Testing and is now available to all customers on the Google Play store. Android Agent 2.2.3 will go out as an Auto-update to any customers that have auto-updates enabled.  If not, you can go to the Play Store, click on our app, and click the “Update” button to manually update your agent. ***Please Note:  If you’ve been running...

Cloud Managed vs Cloud Analytics


When discussing wifi hardware options with customers, sometimes they become confused about whether or not they need a Cloud Managed access point solution to use a cloud based WiFi Analytics access point solution. There are also customers with security concerns about their “local network data being in the cloud” when it comes to WiFi Analytics. So let’s start at the beginning. Cloud Managed...

Aerohive plugin now available


Who’s On My WiFi is happy to announce the release of our new Aerohive Plugin. Now anyone with Aerohive access points can connect directly to Who’s On My WiFi Analytics.  Who’s On My WiFi Analytics offers additional insights and analysis with no additional hardware.  All that is required is a Hive Manager Select account as well as a Who’s On My WiFi Analytics account.  The integration...