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Digital and Physical Analytics Today and Tomorrow


Website Analytics has revolutionized online marketing. It’s now an indispensable tool for any business that has an online presence. Track where your customers are coming from, how long they stay, and what they buy. Send ads based on what products they linger on or return to, and suggest products that they will find interesting based on their past behavior.  All of these are great features that...

Who’s On My WiFi Analytics Redesign


If you are an analytics customer, you’re accustomed to our Analytics section that we’ve honed and refined over the past few years. Today we are launching our re-designed Analytics section. Existing customers will see their accounts go from the old format: To the new reporting dashboard: Quicker Navigation Your new Analytics dashboards feature new reports, filters, search functions, and cleaner...

10 Use-Cases for Location Analytics in Brick and Mortar Business


The internet rocked retail to its core. Big institutions found themselves unable to compete on price and convenience with sites like Amazon and eBay. One by one titans fell, from Radioshack to Sears to Circuit City. It’s not all dire straits, as the internet has also brought with it a bountiful new advantage to real-world business:  analytics. Soon stores and other physical spaces will use...