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2017 Product Updates


  With the beginning of 2018 fast approaching, we decided to take a look back at this previous year. We put together a pdf that shows just some of the enhancements that happened in 2017. Download WIOMW 2017 Product Updates 1. Added On-Demand WiFi Analytics Reports Section   2. Added Monthly Trend Summary Reports • Has metrics all in one location, with month-over-month and month-over...

3 Reasons Why Bluetooth Beacons Don’t Deliver.. Yet


  A “Paradigm Shift”. That’s what the marketing for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)  Beacons has suggested. We’ve also heard other buzzwords like “hyper-local contextualized content”, which is corporate jargon for “it serves you ads”. Apple introduced its iBeacon technology and Google followed suit with Eddystone, but they both agreed that these quarter sized devices would revolutionize how... Coverage


Who’s On My WiFi’s Free Windows Agent was recently covered by Techbook in Germany.
Here’s a link to the article:

Just so you know before you click the link, the article is written completely in German.
However, if you use Google Translate with the link, you’ll notice that it works fairly well on their write up of us.
Thanks Techbook!

Enhanced Analytics Dashboards


New Dashboards Who’s On My WiFi has made major enhancements to our Wireless Analytics Dashboards over 2017 . We’d now like to announce these as General Availability to all customers. To see all of the new dashboards in action, simply login to your existing Who’s On My WiFi Analytics account and click on “Analytics”. If you’re not yet a customer, Go to the...

5 Top Smart Cities Have This in Common


The internet has an uncanny history of tiny companies disrupting behemoths of industry. It turns out, it’s not just startups flipping corporate superpowers on their head. Small, rural cities in the United States are proving they can not only compete with major cities like Vienna and Paris, they can beat them. It’s easy to see why cities want to be “Smart Cities”. The promise of efficient...