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Windows Agent 4.0.0, Beta Release #2


We have just released the 2nd Beta of Who’s On My WiFi Windows 4.0.
As we mentioned in our previous post, there were bugs discovered by Beta Testers that needed to be fixed before the production release.
The latest Beta edition which includes several bug fixes and other usability enhancements is now available to Beta Testers.

Online Updates 1.9.8 to 2.1.0


We deployed Who’s On My Wifi Online Version 2.1.0 a few days ago. Here are some of the changes we made in the last 12 online updates: Enhancements #1.  We added the total time and average time for the Session Count Report.  So, now, not only are wireless session counts tracked over a period of time, but more useful statistics about the sessions in general are now available. #2.  We renamed...

Who’s On My WiFi Version 4.0 Beta Update


We wanted to let you know that a bug was discovered in our initial 4.0 Beta release for existing users. The bug was related to our new Auto-Detect network feature and it causing some confusion with users that had custom defined IP Ranges in their current Scan Options. We are working on changes to the 4.0 Beta and expect to have a new 4.0 Beta out for testing early next week. Because of this late...