ArchiveFebruary 2014

Text Message Alerts now available in Online


We have just released a new version of our Online system that allows for Text Message notification when an Unknown device is detected on someone’s local network. All you need to do to set this up is go to Notifications and either Add or Edit a notification, and change the Notification Type from E-mail to Text, and then type in your Cell Phone number where you want to receive the real time...

Version 2.0 is no longer available for Sale


Hi everyone, Who’s On My Wifi version 2.0 is no longer available for sale Version 2.0 marked a major break through for our company with Automatic Updates, multi network support, and reporting all now becoming standard on what people expect from our software. But version 3.0 has been available for months now, and we’ve changed our pricing structure. We no longer charge for our...

Ghacks, LifeHacker, CHIP, and CNN Chile coverage


We just wanted to keep our regular readers up to date on Who’s On My Wifi being shown in the media in January.  This is the most consistent media coverage we’ve had to date, and we thought you’d like to see that other people are starting to hear about the product you’ve been helping us build over the years. We were recently shown in a story on Ghacks: And a story on...

Who Is On My Wifi Windows version 3.0.2


Version 3.0.2 of Who Is On My Wifi Windows was released this afternoon. This release fixed bugs related to Error messages relating to devices with blank MAC Addresses and errors related to trying to save changes during a Scan. This was considered a bug fix release, and does not contain new features or functionality. Bug Fixes: Error related to blank MAC Addresses There used to be an option in...