ArchiveJanuary 2014

Android version 1.0.2 release


We released version 1.0.2 of our Android edition this afternoon. This was considered a bug fix release.  No new features. Bug Fixes: Fixed Software crashing on Android 3.2 Tablets We had a pretty major bug in Android 3.2 tablets where really as soon as someone was starting the app and trying to Scan, it would crash with an error message.  This was a major enough error that we decided to go ahead...

Who’s On My Wifi Router Plugins Update


Hi everyone, We’ve been talking about the Who’s On My Wifi Router Plugins for a few months now, and just wanted to update you on the progress we’ve been making. The Who’s On My Wifi Router Plugins are small Who’s On My Wifi agents that can be installed directly on the router to connect to Who’s On My Wifi Online.  Because they’re Who’s On My Wifi...

Who Is On My Wifi Version 3.0.1


Version 3.0.1 of Who Is On My Wifi Windows was released this morning. This release fixed bugs related to logging and error handling in both the Blocking and Online API systems. This was considered a bug fix release, and does not contain new features or functionality. Bug Fixes: Added Additional Logging on Blocking System Under certain conditions, it was possible to receive error messages when...