ArchiveDecember 2013

Android version 1.0.1 released


We released version 1.0.1 of our Android edition this afternoon. This enhanced the scanning capabilities of our Android app in the following ways. Enhancements: Added hostname to better identify devices So, now in the Android application you can have a better idea of what device is actually sitting behind the mac address and ip address.  It is not perfect, and does not completely match with our...

Android Edition Released Today


Who’s On My Wifi Android … Released! You probably could have seen this coming after the iPhone release last week. We’ve just released Who’s On My Wifi for Android devices. It’s very similar to the iPhone edition.  It only does scanning.  It doesn’t currently connect to Online. But, we heard from customers who wanted some way to detect intruders on their MiFi and...

iPhone Edition


Who’s On My Wifi App for iPhone released today! We are proud to announce, that as of day, you can install Who’s On My Wifi for iPhone from the app store.  The app  is an easy way to see exactly which devices are using your personal wireless network. Here is a link to our App Store listing: Who Is On My Wifi – iPhone Listing The iPhone app offers a limited set of features in comparison...