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Who’s On My Wifi in Chip Magazine March 2013


Who’s On My Wifi is in the March 2013 edition of Chip Magazine, Russia.
We’ve added a link below to the front cover where our software is displayed in the bottom left hand corner.
Chip Magazine Russia – March 2013 Edition
We were very excited for the opportunity to be in their magazine, and we think it looks great.

Who Is On My Wifi version 2.1.5


Version 2.1.5 of Who Is On My Wifi was released this afternoon. This release was mainly a bug fix release from 2.1.4 causing some speed issues. Bug Fixes: Made the software more efficient / Reduced the average CPU usage when idle Both of the titles above are really the same thing. So, when we released version 2.1.4, we mentioned that we made it more powerful.  This extra power came at a cost of...

Who Is On My Wifi version 2.1.4


Version 2.1.4 of Who Is On My Wifi was released this afternoon. This contained several fixes and features related to blocking, bug fixes, and some enhancements to our Free Trial. Enhancements: Blocking Auto Detection of Wireless Router We’ve had several users be confused by the idea that their wireless router would show as an UNKNOWN device in the Who’s On My Wifi software.  So, we...