Developer Updates

Windows Agent 4.0.2 Released

Who’s On My WiFi Windows v4.0.2 was released today.

The Beta candidate passed Beta Testing successfully and is now the live release.

An Auto-update notification to existing 4.0.0 and 4.0.1 users will go out within the next 2 weeks.

The final official list of changes is:


  • The New Logo.  Who’s On My WiFi’s new logo is an owl.  You’ll soon see this on the website, the blog, and across all detection agents.  WIOMW Windows Agent 4.0.2 now uses our owl logo across the application.
  • Shared Privacy Key for Analytics subscribers.  In the case where there are 2 Who’s On My WiFi agents on the same subnet detecting devices, when privacy is enabled, by default, each agent will detect devices on the network uniquely.  This would cause double the number of devices to be detected.  By using a Shared Privacy Key with privacy, the wireless statistics stay correct, while still providing privacy for those using the network.

Software Bug Fixes

  • Online Analytics Agent Disconnect Fixes.  For customers connecting the Who’s On My WiFi Windows agent to their Online Analytics subscription, the Windows agent was not handling network errors very well.  When these network errors would occur at certain times, the Windows agent could disconnect from the Analytics subscription requiring a restart of the program to reconnect to the analytics service.  This version marked a major change in how the Windows agent connects to the Online Analytics subscription that we expect will provide more stability to subscribers.