Developer Updates

Windows Agent 4.0.1, Beta Release 2

We have just released the 2nd Beta of Who’s On My WiFi Windows 4.0.1

There were some bugs discovered in the first beta release of Windows 4.0.1, and this newer version is officially what is being released as 4.0.1 beta.

Version 4.0.1 is considered a Bug Fix release with no new functionality, but fixes to certain issues in 4.0.0

Software Bug Fixes

  • The WiFi Privacy Policy has been renamed WiFi Device Privacy.
  • The first time a user sets up their agent, it is now more intelligent about requiring at least 1 network to be an auto-scan network.
  • Unreachable Network Gateways due to router restarts are now ignored until the next scan time instead of stopping the program.
  • The agent also more intelligently recognizes when it is being used for network stats instead of security and auto removes message alerts in this case.
  • Better handling of reconnecting to the online system if the end users network disables internet usage overnight.