Developer Updates

Upgrading from WIOMW Windows 3.0.4 to 4.0.0

This week, Who’s On My WiFi is releasing version 4.0.0 to existing 3.0.4 users.

If you’ve never updated a Who’s On My WiFi agent before, please read “Updating Who’s On My WiFi Windows” in our support section.

Updating Windows Agent Knowledge Base Article

Major Version Update Changes

Many of you have updated the Windows agent before, but because this is a major version update, here are a few additional things to be aware of.

#1.  Online Connection Reconnect:  The new Windows version 4.0.0 has an updated, more secure method of connecting with the Who’s On My WiFi Online system.  Because of this, when you update from 3.0.4 to version 4.0.0, you will need to connect the Windows agent to the online system again.  You can do this by going to File->Settings->Online Connection, and entering in your e-mail address and password.  If you’ve forgotten your online password, you can reset it by going to and clicking “Forget your password” and following the instructions to reset your online password through your e-mail address.

#2.  Network Auto-Detect:  The new Windows version 4.0.0 has an auto-detect network feature that when beginning to auto-scan a network, first checks to see if the network it is on should be scanned or not.  This is a new feature in 4.0.0 and onward that matches the behavior of our Mac and Android editions.

Because Windows version 3.0.4 and prior did not have this, when you first click “Scan Now” you may be asked if this network should be scanned, even if you already have an IP Range set up to scan this network.  Also, because some of our users have complicated network setups, we’ve allowed existing IP Ranges to be auto-scanned on a network so as not to disrupt these existing IP Ranges.  If there are IP Ranges that you do not wish to scan, simply click on  Settings->Scan Options and uncheck that the extra IP Ranges that should not be scanned.

#3.  Top Menu Bar:  Version 4.0.0 works within a single Window.  In version 3 and below, users would need to click between the Scan and Home windows depending on what they wanted to see.  Now, the Scan Window is the primary window, and everything else, including Settings, Scan Logs, etc. is handled from the Top Menu instead.

#4.  Update Location:  Because Who’s On My WiFi Windows no longer runs with Administrative Permissions, please be sure to download the update to a place that does not require Admin privileges, for example, somewhere like the wiomw folder at C:\Users\wiomw or C:\My Documents when first installing the update.