Developer Updates

Online Updates 1.9.8 to 2.1.0

We deployed Who’s On My Wifi Online Version 2.1.0 a few days ago.

Here are some of the changes we made in the last 12 online updates:


#1.  We added the total time and average time for the Session Count Report.  So, now, not only are wireless session counts tracked over a period of time, but more useful statistics about the sessions in general are now available.

#2.  We renamed the “Intruder History” report to the “Unknown Device History” report.  This seems like a more accurate name for what it really shows.  It’s impossible to know if an unknown device is an intruder without further investigation, so calling it Unknown or Untagged Device Report is simply more accurate.

#3.  We added several scalability enhancements related to historical point in time device tracking.  Most of these changes occurred on the back end, but you will not a difference on the Notification page related to the Event Log which now shows on a different page.

#4.  We added the ability to hide Network Agents that are no longer in use.