Developer Updates

Android Agent 2.0.7

Who’s On My WiFi Android version 2.0.7 was released to Google Play and Kindle Fire this morning.

Version 2.0.6 was released last week and had the majority of changes listed below, however, due to bugs detected after the release, the version 2.0.7 update was deployed to fix the minor 2.0.6 bugs detected after being released to the app store.

Version 2.0.6 and 2.0.7 are considered bug fix releases.  No new functionality was added, however, several software bugs were removed from the app.

Software Bug Fixes

#1.  Internal Errors – There were certain user interface combinations that would cause the application to stall or hang due to resource conflicts.  These conflicts have been removed for a better user experience.

#2.  Agent Disconnect Errors – There were 2 errors related to the Android detection agent disconnecting itself or not sending information properly to the online system.  The first error had to do with the agent not properly sending information again after a tablet or phone restart.  The second error had to do with the agent not recovering properly from unexpected network downtime forcing a restart of the tablet.

#3.  Speed Enhancement – The default “Timeout” value has been set from 2000 to 500 in all future releases of the software.  This is due to how tablets and phones handle background scanning while in energy saver mode.  The shorter Timeout gives more accurate results when the app runs over long periods of time.