Windows Agent 4.0.1 Released

Who’s On My WiFi Windows v4.0.1 was released today.

The 2nd Beta candidate passed Beta Testing successfully and is now the live release.

An Auto-update notification to existing 4.0.0 users will go out next week.

The final official list of software bugs fixed is:

Software Bug Fixes

  • The WiFi Privacy Policy has been renamed WiFi Device Privacy.
  • The first time a user sets up their agent, it is now more intelligent about requiring at least 1 network to be an auto-scan network.
  • Unreachable Network Gateways due to router restarts are now ignored until the next scan time instead of stopping the program.
  • The agent also more intelligently recognizes when it is being used for network stats instead of security and auto removes message alerts in this case.
  • Better handling of reconnecting to the online system if the end users network disables internet usage overnight.