Simplified International Pricing in 2016

Happy Holidays from your Who’s On My WiFi team!

We’re continuing to improve our service in 2016, and we wanted to let you know about an upcoming change we think some of you will like!

Who’s On My WiFi is going to simplify it’s international online pricing starting January 1st, 2016.

We’ve heard 2 major points of confusion from international customers that we’ll be fixing.

Starting January 1st, customers from the UK, Europe, Australia, and Canada will have a fixed price in their own currency. 

We currently use a US based pricing system.  So, if you are coming from Canada, then our price is converted same day from the US price to the Canadian price equivalent.  This means Canadian customers might be charged 12.84 Canadian dollars, or 13.72 Canadian dollars depending on the daily exchange rate.  We are fixing this so customers in the countries listed above will be charged a stable consistent price regardless of exchange rates.

Starting January 1st, the European prices shown will include VAT taxes

We’ve heard some confusion from European customers that didn’t like seeing the price change at the end of the checkout process due to the additional VAT taxes.  We’ve worked with our payment processor to make this less confusing so the price shown when first signing up will be VAT inclusive for European visitors.

We hope you like these early 2016 changes!

We’re very excited for 2016 and we’ll have plenty of announcements as the year goes on!